drinking beer w/ good food having a small fire at a semi private beach w/ frans is a really great way to spend a day off omg

*opens the white cupboard* omg. OMFG this is not as inconspicuous as I thought it was holy fuck

My waist is so narrow that if I stand up straight/regularly and let my arms hang down but claps my hands together, there are one-inch gaps between my arms and waist on either side omg???

Standing up after sleeping for 12 hours more like am I still alive wtf

ciierd said: He’s a sexy plague * bassy wheatley growl from a distance *


I think it might have been a bot.

No lol trust me it was a porn blog, a porn blog actually took enough initiative to send me a message about doing the sex… tbh I think they prolly sent the same thing to a bunch of gals and were hoping for a lil ;) ;) back



has this been done yet

oh pluto

Saturn and Uranus need to switch captions tho


Yea so I went on the blog of the person who messaged me, yeah um well I guess I must have forgotten to tag with a slash or something, oops………….

So basically, if Wheatley flat out said "I wish to Frick" then you would Frick?

this anon has not read Innocent Science I’m willing to bet but yeah, I uh, that fic’s contents are about what my feelings on it would be

which is to say I would try to behave myself and control myself but he has the ability to break me without much trouble so yeah if he … wanted that, I can’t exactly imagine myself in any state where I have the mental or physical ability to deny my need for uh, him, which at that point would be probably bordering absolutely critical


It’s not bad it was just… awkward. Detailed. Weird. Not my thing. And sent by some person who I have never spoken to??? I’m wondering if they weren’t some random person from a tag or something, maybe I accidentally tagged nsfw or something because I doubt this guy follows me. Tbh I don’t wanna publish it because it’s gross to me but I have this feeling that the person thought they were doing a nice thing or something or being sexy and well no it was just kind of really uncomfortable because like wtf I did not ask for your affections and I don’t accept them„, s orry„,

ciierd said: i should stop clicking the read more on your posts because i can visualize that shit too and its very hard to get out of my system because i wanna frick his donger too. sorry.

Wheatley is a disease he’s impossible to get out of your system

I don’t want to have sex with you omfg why would you send me an ask about that

I got the most disturbing thing in my ask I’m laughing so FUCKING hard omg no seriously what the fuck is that