Then I look at my desktop background and imagine him being nice and cuddly and bam I am a puddle on the floor again

Sobbing. I will never get over the way GLaDOS says goodbye to Chell and Caroline…


Do you ever hear someone’s voice and kinda wanna fuck it



Screw you and your punk ass puns MORON

He makes it so obvious here he hates u I can’t *wipes tears* yOUVE HURT MY FEELINGS

I also can’t believe that he’s pushed literally EVERYTHING aside in favor of the test results he’s entirely selfish he’s totally in it for the pleasure and nothing else and he refuses to care about the wellbeing of aperture he’s procrastinating “just a few more. Just a few more bursts and I’ll take care of it” which turns into “oh god just one more please just ONE more burst and I’ll do it” later on

But seriously I’m laughing because “I was in it for the science. Him, though…” Is basically GLaDOS saying “It was purely scientific research when I did it! He’s just gross! Don’t judge me based on him, he’s a pervert!”

"I was in it for the science"

I am unhappy with current plot points

Don’t SCREAM like that it tears my heart out :(((((

Screaming I figured out how to see his animations for this one line that I LOVE but omg *sweats* the look on his face, I better wait until there’s no one behind me I’m already sweating and awkward enough as is

Oh my god first test *sweating* I can’t do it *solves it anyway* sHIT *trips over self* how Chell how *accidentally sees his face* no *accidrntally knocks cube off of button* shit *happens to walk through the grid right when he says “yeah, you’re not done yet”* oh wow he sounds„„ ever so please d„,